Best Stun Guns in 2022

If you are concerned about your safety out on the streets but you do not wish to carry a lethal weapon, then a stun gun will suffice. Stun guns are portable so you can carry them just like a weapon but do not cause permanent or serious harm, and most local laws allow their use. If you want to make sure that the stun gun will effectively protect you, then you will not have to worry if you buy one of the following top 10 best stun guns in 2022.

List of top 10 best stun guns in 2022 reviews:

best stun guns

1. Monster SG-M18000BK-P Stun Gun

Whenever this rechargeable stun gun is used, a stunning blow will be delivered to the assailant, bringing them down instantly. It is capable of delivering a stunning 18,000,000 V zap. Dark and small areas can be conveniently illuminated with the built-in LED that it is also equipped with. There will no need to worry about accidentally discharging the stun gun since it can be turned off when in a safe environment. It also features a charging prong that can be slid out and plugged into an outlet to charge the battery.
Monster SG-M18000BK-P Stun Gun

2. Guard Dog Security Stun Gun

While this is a powerful stun gun, it can also be used as a household flashlight. It features a safe and soft grip, while its body has a fully-rubberized and non-slip grip. Each side of the front of this stun gun features intimidating triple prongs, so three power zaps will be delivered at the same time that will not only be felt but also audibly heard as well. This stun gun also comes with a safety cap and on/off switch so accidental discharges can be avoided. It also comes with a holster and recharging cable.
Guard Dog Security Stun Gun

3. Diablo II Stun Gun

This is a very practical and versatile stun gun and flashlight. Law enforcement officials used to use it in the past, and now it is available to the general public. This concealed stun gun looks and functions like an everyday flashlight, but it is capable of delivering a 5,000,000 V shocking spark. When using it as a flashlight, it is capable of delivering 320 lumens of light that will effectively blind any unwelcome assailants and illuminate an area more than 500 yards away. Moreover, it is made of shockproof aircraft grade aluminum.
Diablo II Stun Gun

4. VIPERTEK VTS-989 Stun Gun

The electrical charge that this heavy duty stun gun delivers will be scary enough even when it is merely fired into the air. When activated, the test prongs display a bright electric current pulsating between them, along with producing an intimidating electrical sound. The high voltage shock that will be delivered by this heavy duty stun gun will cause confusion, disorientation, loss of balance and muscle control. The LED Flashlight is equally powerful and will blind the assailant. Two ultra-sharp spike electrodes are present at the front of this stun gun that can pierce through even thick clothing.

5. Hornet Keychain Stun Gun

This is an extremely effective yet extremely small stun gun. The length of this keychain stun is less than 4 inches and it has a weight of merely 2 ounces. However, the 6,000,000 V electric spark that this keychain delivers will be enough to alarm and momentarily incapacity an unsuspecting attacker. Its compact body not only includes the stun gun itself but is also equipped with a built-in rechargeable battery and three powerful LED lights. This highly portable stun gun can be attached to any keychain and carried in the pocket.
Hornet Keychain Stun Gun

6. Streetwise Police Force Tactical Stun

By introducing this Police Force 8,500,000 Tactical Stun Gun, Streetwise Security made one of the best compact tactical sun guns available to the general public. Even though the length of this tactical stun gun is just 6.5 inches, the shock it delivers is the equivalent of that delivered by stun guns twice its size. The 1 Watt LED light that it is equipped with can be used for both blinding an attacker and for illumination. Unlike most stun guns available today, this tactical stun gun has three points of contact for delivering the electrical charge.
Streetwise Police Force Tactical Stun

7. 950,000 V Blast Knuckles

A punched delivered while wearing the 950,000 V ZAP Blast Knuckles is sure to leave an attacker stunned. The shocking 950,000V zap that will be delivered will enough to knock the attacker off their feet. It is equipped with ultra-sharp spike electrodes that can pierce through clothing and effectively zap the assailant. Along with providing the required protection, it also feels very comfortable when being held because its secure contour grip features a soft rubber coating. It also comes with a belt clip and carrying case for convenient access and portability.
950,000 V Blast Knuckles

8. SABRE Stun Gun

Along with being capable of stopping an assailant in their tracks, this stun gun is also equipped with a 300 lumen built-in LED flashlight. It will deliver a shocking zap of 2.4 mAmps, enough to knock down an attacker. At the same time, its shockproof aircraft grade aluminum body will ensure that you do not accidentally get shocked too. In fact, you can avoid accidental discharges by taking advantage of the safety mechanism. It also comes with a handy holster.

SABRE Stun Gun

9. Safesure S45 Stun Gun

The law enforcement officials in many countries use this as their professional tactical stun gun since it delivers a powerful, stunning 45,000,000 V shock. Along with being a stun gun, it is also equipped with a 350 Lumens tactical flashlight that consists of four different settings, including High and Strobe. When using the Strobe setting, the light that will be emitted will cover more than 1 mile. This stun gun is made with lightweight yet strong aircraft grade aluminum. The LED bulb will last for more than 100,000 hours and it comes with rechargeable batteries.
Safesure S45 Stun Gun


The VIPERTEK VTS-880 is a economic, powerful, quality and stylish rechargeable stun gun. Its body is fully rubber-coated and it will deliver a punch that will be felt and heard. An LED light has been built into this stun gun that will prove to be useful when illumination is required in dark and small areas. It is equipped with a rechargeable battery and a built-in charger that can be slid out and plugged into a socket whenever the battery needs to be charged. This stun gun will also come with a sleek nylon holster and belt loop.

Conclusion: Stun guns should be used as responsibly as a firearm. However, when the need to use a stun gun arises, the shock delivered by one of the above best stun guns will surely knock an attacker down and leave them temporarily incapacitated.

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