Top 10 Best Bread Slicers in 2022 Reviews

A bread slicer is a very significant kitchen accessory that can enable you to slice your bread quickly and evenly, while leaving your table clean and organized. The best slicer should be compact, easy to use, easy to clean, and should be able to give you different sizes of slices based on your personal preferences. Moreover, it should have a crumb catcher to collect the breadcrumbs that are produced during the slicing. Below are the ten best bread slicers in 2022:

1. The Multi-functional Bread Slicer by Skater

This is the best bread slicer in 2016. The Japan-made slicer is made of thick strong plastic and it is extremely easy to use. It is designed to accommodate the regular sandwich-size bread measuring 12cm W by 15cm H and it allows you to cut your bread into four different thicknesses, namely 2.5cm, 2cm, 1.5cm and 1cm. The slicer is recommended to use with a 10-inch knife and it is extremely easy to clean. Moreover, it can easily be folded up for storage. Besides slicing bread, it can also be used for slicing ham and cheese.

Multi-functional Bread Slicer

2. The Norpro370 Bread Slicer & Guide with Crumb Catcher, from Norpro

This is another exclusive bread slicer, which is designed to make the task of slicing bread much easier. The unit features a removable crumb catcher, which helps in collecting the breadcrumbs. It has a generous slicing surface which can accommodate any size of bread. The acrylic slicing guides help to ensure uniform slicing. It is an elegant slicer which is extremely easy to assemble, clean and even maintain.

Norpro370 Bread Slicer & Guide with Crumb Catcher

3. The Bread Pal Slicer

This US-made slicer is made to precision using birch, maple and hardwood-faced material. The unit is spring-loaded and has a foldable design which is quick to open as well as close with no assembly required. It can fold up to a height of 1 inches for compact storage. The product can accept small as well as large loaves and it features a sanitary Polyethylene cutting surface, which is quite easy to clean.

Bread Pal Slicer

4. The Classic Maple Bread Slicer

This is another special type of slicer that is built using hard maple and assembled using stainless steel screws. It is a heavy-duty slicer that can be used to slice different sizes of bread. The elegant and well-crafted slicer normally comes when fully assembled. Moreover, the gap on the slicer is sized to fit different bread knives.

Classic Maple Bread Slicer

5. Fashionable Multi-function Household Toast Bread Slicer

This multi-function toast bread slicer is made of premium quality material and is perfect for daily use at home. The unit is extremely easy to use. It is a durable unit that provide to you long-term service. Moreover, it is extremely easy to clean up and can easily be folded and conveniently stores anywhere.

Fashionable Multi-function Household Toast Bread Slicer

6. Bread Slicing Guide from Presto

This is a unique slicer with coded guide slots for easier thickness selection as well as knife alignment. The precision guide slots direct the knife for even slicing all the time. The design also includes a unique tilt design, which helps to keep the loaf in place. The unit can hold regular and big loaves with ease. It is the best slicer to use for toast and sandwiches.

Bread Slicing Guide from Presto

7. Toast Bread Slicer from C.N.

This is a well distributed bread slicer, which allows you to slice your bread to the desired thickness. The product is made of ABS Resin and can withstand temperatures of between 40 degrees Celsius and 90 degrees Celsius. It is a compact slicer that is quite easy to store as it does not take up a lot of space. Moreover, it is extremely easy to clean.

Toast Bread Slicer

8. The Eforcase Pro-Bread Loaf Toast Slicer

If you want a superior quality bread slicer that can double as a cheese and ham slicer, then this is the product to buy. The design includes a crumb catcher, which holds all the breadcrumbs during the cutting. When open, the unit measures 16cm x 15cm x 14.5cm and can accommodate a regular sandwich-size bread. It is a lightweight slicer that is extremely easy to use and clean.

Eforcase Pro-Bread Loaf Toast Slicer

9. The Bamboo-Compact Bread Slicer, from DB Tech

This is a foldable and compact bread slicer that is designed to fold with ease for easier storage. It is made of 100 percent bamboo wood, which makes it eco-friendly. It is the best slicer to use for homemade, as well as loaf cakes. The product is designed to allow you to cut three different sizes of slices, including the 0.8cm, 1cm and 1.2 cm slices.

Bamboo-Compact Bread Slicer

10. The ZNU New-Kitchen Bread-Loaf Slicer

If you are looking for a healthy, easy, fast, and yet inexpensive way to get perfect and even slices of bread, this is the slicer to buy. The open size of this product measures 16cm x 15cm x 14.5 cm and it is extremely easy to clean. Moreover, it has a good quality crumb catcher which holds the crumbs, hence keeping your table clean.

ZNU New-Kitchen Bread-Loaf Slicer

Instead of struggling with a bare knife while trying to slice your bread, a bread slicer can make your work much easier and enjoyable. With numerous bread slicers currently on the market, you need to find one that is effective and convenient to use. If you need such a product, the above bread slicer review can definitely help you get the best.

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